Land opposite Miller Arms for sale and subsequent development

25th of May, 2023

The trustees would like to announce that a small parcel of land opposite the Miller Arms is being marketed for sale and subsequent development.

To ensure continued transparency, the trustees would like to provide the following statements of fact regarding the proposed sale of land within Great Singleton:

In an effort to provide an outline plan moving forward, in 2013 the trustees undertook a consultancy. This entailed engagement with the Council, Residents and Interested Groups. The outcome of this process was a “Vision” document, which at the time was shared via a public meeting at the village hall. The conclusion of this document gave the Trust a plan of future work and hence budget considerations.

This consultation process, organically produced a plan showing 19 new houses. Following discussions with Fylde Borough Council (FBC) officials, the number of houses was reduced to 15. As well as new housing, the overall plan did include; the peace garden, rebuild of Worsick’s Farmhouse, a village green, a shop and various other village amenities. Slowly these are coming to fruition.

The FBC Local Plan, which was adopted in 2021 has Singleton Village as a Tier2, Smaller Rural Settlement. Along with the many thousands of homes, either being built or expected over the next ten years, according to that plan, Singleton is expected to have 15 new houses. This figure aligns with the “Vision” plan, i.e. that which was accepted by FBC.

Based upon the “Vision” and the FBC Local Plan, in early 2021 the trustees decided to submit an Outline Planning Application (OPA). This decision was taken to ensure that other developers didn’t get in first, as the Trust’s plans are to sympathetically enhance the village.

Within a newsletter delivered to all Singleton residents in February 2021, the Trust stated that the OPA had been submitted, along with a brief rationale for doing so. The application was successful and, the approval was provided with a number of conditions, which the trustees believe will safeguard the overall appearance of the village.

The Trust’s decision to sell this piece of land is based upon, keeping a sustainable ratio of rented to privately owned properties within the village. It should be noted that before any reserved matters application, (detailed planning submission), the trustees will have the opportunity review and amend the plans to ensure they are in keeping with the rest of the village.

For information, the “Vision” document along with all the Trust’s newsletters are available on this website.