Woodland Management

6th of August, 2021

The Trustees would like to thank Glasdon's for their kind donation of a new 'dog poo' bin, which has been installed at the entrance to Caudle Wood. Many thanks go to John Highton and Patrick Allen for their continued work in emptying these bins, in addition to mowing the grass along the paths and in the Peace Garden.

A survey of the woodland has recently identified trees that need to be felled and this includes many ash trees that are suffering from 'Ash Die-back'. Felling of the ash trees is the only method to combat the spread of this destructive disease. This work will ongoing over the coming months.

The Trust is working with a "Forestry Consultant” who will update an existing Woodland Management Plan. He will also work with the Tenant Farmers to create a plan to replant felled trees and also plant up new areas of woodland where appropriate.

There is a lot of rubbish that has accumulated over the years in the woods behind Church Rd and in autumn the Trustees will be arranging to clear this. If you wish to get involved then please contact Richard Bell at Ingham & Yorke offices.