29th of April, 2021

Shooting as a sport has been done on the Miller Estate since the mid 1800's and the most recent licence ended on the 31st January 2020. Earlier this year the Trust undertook a review of shooting on the estate taking into consideration the views of residents, the tenant farmers, the local shooting community and local environmental organisations.

The Trust has also taken advice from a professional body, the Game and Wildlife Conservancy Trust (GWCT) who supports both conservation and shooting. The review concluded that the shooting rights should be re-let taking into account the feedback received and on this basis, it would bring the following benefits to the community: - encourage the use of local amenities such as the pub - provide young people and local residents with the opportunity to be involved in the shoot - encourage and support a rich and diverse natural environment (flora and fauna) The Trust is now in a position to offer the shooting rights by informal tender via their Land Agents, Ingham & Yorke, Littlemoor, Clitheroe, BB7 1HG. If you need further details then please contact Richard Bell of Ingham and Yorke by email: [email protected]

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Added: 18-12-2020