29th of April, 2021

There has been some discussion locally about the shooting rights on Singleton Estate. To clarify the situation, all that has been agreed so far is; - To end the current licence that was due to expire on 31st January 2020 - Not to re-let a further licence at this moment in time The next steps for the Trust to undertake are to: - Complete a survey of the estate land that has previously been used for the shoot, which covers fields, ponds and woods to establish what, if any reparations are necessary - Complete a review of how all the estate is used by the community and the wider public.

This will take into consideration the environment, wildlife and conservation and include the sporting and recreational activities such as shooting, fishing, vermin control and permissive paths to name but a few. As part of this review, the Trust will engage with a wide range of local people as well as professional bodies. Once complete, the Trust will make a decision on the way forward and this will be communicated to the Parish and other interested parties. This process is expected to take a few months to complete.

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Added: 18-02-2020